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The Top 8 4WD Cooling System Items To Keep In Mind This Summer

By December 14, 2015Uncategorised

Summer is here and while most of us are pumping our AC to keep ourselves cool, your 4WD may be one hot day away from a devastating car cooling issue that can cost you thousands, or even write your vehicle off altogether.8 MUST KNOW FACTS to save your car from breaking down this summer

So here is a list of the TOP 8 4WD COOLING SYSTEM ITEMS to keep in mind.

8. Radiator: The Radiator most integral part of your cooling system. A radiator leaking coolant can be the quickest way to blow your engine up. Check that the core is not corroded or damaged so that when the engine is up to full temperature it finds the weak like and the coolant runs dry.

7. Water Pump: The water pump pushes the coolant around the engine and radiator via the hoses. Most water pumps have a tell tale drain hole in the bottom of their housing to show if the internal seal is starting to leak. Check underneath to see if you see coolant leaking from there. Another good rule of thumb check of your water pump is to see if the front bearing is starting to collapse. To do this, have the engine turned off and hold the fan blades and wiggle the fan up and down and look at where the shaft goes into the pump and see if you have any movement it may be time to replace it.

6. Fan Blades: Most Fans blades these days are plastic and with time and the harsh under bonnet temperature can go brittle and crack. Have a good look at you fan for its general condition. If a blade breaks off it can go straight through your radiator.

5. Viscous Hub: The viscous hub or fan hub is between your water pump and plastic fan. It uses a very temperature sensitive silicon based oil to thicken up and create the fan to suck more air through and to drop off the amount of air when the temp is decreased. This is a huge power and fuel saving component. Over time the oil can leak out the seal and can be seen on the back of the hub or on the blades. If this oil is apparent the hub will need to be replaced.

4. Hoses (Radiator & Heater) The radiator and heater hoses carry the water to and from the engine. Once again they can go hard and split and a good visual inspection is required.

3. Thermostat: The thermostat is placed inside the engine and its primary role is to control the water flow rate and the running temperature of the engine. Generally the thermostat is replaced when the cooling system is flushed and regular maintenance is carried out on the engine.

2. Coolant: Modern coolants these days are generally organic long life coolants. This makes them environmentally friendly and has extended the service life of the coolant providing everything has been in good order. Most coolants have a 3 year service life but it is important to check the manufacturers guidelines so you do not compromise your cooling system components

1. Radiator Cap: The radiator cap can be the most overlooked part of the cooling system. It controls the running pressure of your system and sets the boiling point of the coolant. Unless you have a pressure tester for the cap it is generally changes when you maintain your system.


Don’t be caught out in the heat and out of pocket thousands of dollars this summer.

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